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Find Healing at Our Drug Treatment Center in Cleveland, OH

The founders of our drug treatment center in Cleveland, OH, Toya and Adam, are dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing care to help them overcome their addictions. With over 23 years of combined experience, they actively look to improve the way drug treatment is approached. Our owners, and the staff here at Amberdale, use a safe, confidential, and professional approach to change the lives of others.

Together, we have seen how opioid addiction has not only overwhelmed people in Cleveland, but also citizens across the nation. Toya and Adam are looking to make our community more aware of the epidemic, as well as the drug abuse treatments that are available to combat it. We understand the culture in our area and want to assist people in Northeast Ohio with living addiction-free lives.

Hope Is Here at Amberdale 

All is not lost when you’re battling substance abuse. Millions of people throughout the nation are dealing with addictions and are in recovery. At our center, we offer comprehensive treatment for alcohol, drug, and opioid addition. Don’t be controlled by chemical dependency. Instead, take control of your life by depending on our experienced staff and effective recovery program. From group counseling and one-on-one addiction counseling to crisis intervention, we are able to address any addiction issue.

During your stay at Amberdale, we teach you how to fight hard against addiction and win! Our caring advisors and social workers provide the personalized drug rehabilitation services that set you on the course to changing your life for the better. Schedule a phone consultation today if you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction. 

Recovering in a Supportive Environment

Dealing with an addiction is incredibly difficult when you’re surrounded by the same people, the same settings, and the same enticements. At our drug treatment center, we remove you from the people and things that contribute to the problem. You’ll find that our center is a supportive and caring environment that gives you a place to start anew. That, along with our loving yet no-nonsense approach, creates an environment that promotes true healing and recovery. 

Contact us to see how you can achieve victory over your addiction. Located in Cleveland, OH, our center is open for anyone battling with substance abuse.